Friday, January 2, 2015

Be your Own Bee Keeper

Be your Own Bee Keeper. 

Does that actually make sense? It does when you are making art. The prompt over at Art to the 5th Academy Documented Life Project did speak to me...but it was as if I misheard. 

Instead of "Be your own Goal Keeper" my mind wandered over to something else entirely.  Be your own American soccer goalies? balls. Soccer balls have hexagons. Hexagons look like honeycombs. Be your own bee keeper. Yeah...that's about how I got there.

For the background I collaged a Nancy Drew book that has a chapter set in an apiary (bee yard). Then added gelatos and watercolors. The gelatos I just rubbed on the page and then spritzed with water and spread around with paint brush. When dried I added more india ink (Pitt) and water colors to give the illusion that the paper was stacked. It was fun and took a while. Used grey, blacks and browns. 

For some reason I thought I had a honeycomb stencil. I don't. I have a chicken wire stamp. I also have an old soccer ball page template from the early days of scrapbooking. So, you will see embossing paste and rust perfect pearls in a hex shape in the lower left. Yes, you are correct it is a scary mess over there. It does not look like a soccer ball or part of a honeycomb. But, I shall leave it.

Is it interesting that I used and left exposed the chapter title  "The Imposter" on the top third of the right page? I guess it was too interesting because I covered with my creepy illustration of a beekeeper with veil.  I stamped, journaled, colored, and shaded. 

While I am not in love with the whole thing, there are parts I like: The illusion of stacked paper. 

Beehive that I drew

Flowering vine *stamp from Penny Black* 

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